Welcome to Frontiers!

Welcome to Frontiers!

Frontiers Magazine: WU Review of Health​ is a publication that strives to make transdisciplinary aspects of health and medicine more understandable and relevant to people’s lives. We seek to engage the WashU campus in expanding perspectives of health and medicine in a relatable and easily-consumable way. Enjoy this video as an introduction to our organization…

Mental Health: An Infectious Disease of Poverty

Socioeconomic status has long been considered as a potential explanation for discrepancies in professional expectations, lifestyle trends, and mental and physical health in America. The relationship between household income and mental disorders has been especially thoroughly examined. Numerous longitudinal studies over the years have consistently found a damningly strong correlation between the two variables. In…

Immunotherapy Through History

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that harnesses the power of the human immune system to fight cancer. In the last decade, immunotherapies have revolutionized the field of oncology and personalized medicine. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy target cancer cells but often times, as collateral damage, destroy healthy tissue as well. As a result, physicians…

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