Daily Archives: November 11, 2019

WHO Declares First World Patient Safety Day

Geneva’s “Le Jet d’Eau,” the city’s historic fountain, illuminated with a dazzling orange, casting a bright light against the dark Genevan skyline. The 140-meter water display was not just for show; it was in solidarity with the hundreds of millions of patients who have experienced unsafe hospital care, and to commemorate the World Health Organization’s…

Combatting Vaccine Hesitancy

Arachnophobia? A valid fear: the long legs and erratic movements of tarantulas are enough to send chills down my spine. Heights? Also reasonable— just the thought of bungee jumping makes my stomach queasy. But vaccination? It’s surprising that the agent responsible for eradicating such fatal diseases as smallpox is at the root of great controversy….

Animals Behind the Scenes: Model Organisms

For hundreds of years, people have looked to animals and plants to explain elusive human phenomena. Aesop’s fables and ancient texts highlight the extent of this human-animal relationship. In these didactic stories, the whimsical portrayal of animals and plants is used to illustrate and concretize human action. Aside from human imagination, animals and plants have…

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