Articles by Jessika Baral

The Case for Dancing with Illnesses

When we think about the prehistoric ages, we imagine cavemen, igloos, and mediocre broken speech. However, scientists worldwide have voiced that there is reason to suggest dancing was in the mix. Professor Richard Ebstein of the psychology department at the Hebrew University‘s Scheinfeld Center for Genetic Studies believed that dancing is an activity humans were…

We Need More Than Pills; We Need People: Mental Health in St. Louis

Mental health encompasses more than just clinically diagnosed conditions that don long, scientific titles. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental health is an umbrella term used to characterize any “condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling or mood” (1). Mental health struggles can present in drastically different fashions for different populations. For…

Advancing Medicine in Times of Need

For decades, science has advanced due to the impending need for increasing security, medical techniques, and communication systems in the military. A significant portion of our army funding is funneled towards the advancement of medical techniques in the hopes that despite a lack of advanced medical equipment in the field, patient lives can be saved….

Diagnosing the Cancer of the Future

Society often speaks about cancer as a collection of conditions that cannot be strung together perfectly without needing more knowledge than what seemingly exists. Movies often display extreme cases of health conditions in patients combined with extremely futuristic diagnostic and treatment plans. More often than not, society dismisses these as the treatments of the future…

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