Facing Frankenstein: Opening up about GM Food

I am sitting across from Connie Diekman in her office at Myers. “One of my colleagues posted a picture yesterday of romaine lettuce, okay. Romaine lettuce. The label says, ‘gluten-free’, ‘lactose-free’, ‘no GM’. I think we’ve gone a bit crazy in this country, and it’s because people don’t understand food,” she says. Non-GMO. All-natural. Grass-fed….

Nature: the Best Medicine

When was the last time you studied outside instead of cooped up in Olin? How often have you taken advantage of the urban gem that is Forest Park? Days are getting shorter and chillier as we approach the end of the semester. As finals season approaches, student stress levels soar, having just gotten through midterms…

Westlake Landfill: A Local Hazard

Ever complained about the constant reminders to put your trash in the correct receptacles? Well, placing garbage really is important, as exemplified by the current condition of the Westlake Landfill. Out of use since the 1970s, the landfill remains radioactive. It currently sits in proximity to an underground fire that simmers in another landfill adjacent…

Microbes and Me

We are—on both the cellular and genetic level—more bacteria than human. There are 100 times more genes in our bodies coding for the microorganisms in our intestines than our own human genes. Imagine the potential for opening new doors to medical discovery through manipulating the ecosystem of microorganisms flourishing within us. When we eat natural…

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