Community gardens in cities, often touted as the the solution to many urban health and crime issues, have been used as an educational tool since the beginning of the twentieth century. Through gardening, “one learns not only practical skills associated with gardening—but also the civic-mindedness to nurture a community open space” [1]. Gardens teach youth…

Get the Lead Out: The Failure of Flint

The water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan has made nationwide news in the past two months but has been an ongoing problem for nearly two years. Between the nationwide scramble to donate clean water, the ongoing questioning of government officials involved in the crisis, and the effort to provide medical support to impacted citizens, the…

What’s In Your Bottle?

In 2009, Washington University in St. Louis became the first major university to ban the sale of bottled water in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Other schools, like the University of Vermont, soon followed suit. But a recent study at the University of Vermont showed that the ban on bottled water led to an…

Facing Frankenstein: Opening up about GM Food

I am sitting across from Connie Diekman in her office at Myers. “One of my colleagues posted a picture yesterday of romaine lettuce, okay. Romaine lettuce. The label says, ‘gluten-free’, ‘lactose-free’, ‘no GM’. I think we’ve gone a bit crazy in this country, and it’s because people don’t understand food,” she says. Non-GMO. All-natural. Grass-fed….

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