Healthcare Disparities

The (Not So) ‘Great Equalizer’: COVID-19’s Gendered Effects and Future Leadership Recommendations

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed to our global society the extent of our social nature, the wide range of essential professions from cashiers to physicians, and more. Yet one lesson that’s gained momentum in the past year is the efficacy of women leaders. Particularly in the political arena, national leaders who have maintained control on COVID…

Slow Websites and Stalled Phone Lines: The Hurdles for Older Adults Getting a COVID Vaccine

The United States started administering COVID-19 vaccines in Dec. 2020 [1]. When the vaccines became available, the country was faced with the decision of who should be vaccinated first. The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) provided guidelines of groups to be vaccinated in a specific order [2]. Per these suggestions, the people who should…


The following piece was written as part of The Pandemic: Science and Society course offered from Aug. 17 – Sep. 4. If you find this interesting, visit related articles including: The Positives of COVID-19, Racial and Socioeconomic Identity and their Influence on Health, The Need For Cross-Sector Collaboration In Addressing Social Determinants of Health.

The Positives of COVID-19

What once was touted as the great equalizer—the coronavirus—quickly brought to light the deep-rooted disparities in our society and renewed a push toward change. Based on the discrepant consequences of COVID-19 across demographics, there exists an underlying inequality within our healthcare system. Long after COVID-19 becomes a headline of the past, certain groups of people…

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