Anhthi Luong

Exec SP18 – SP20 | Writer FL17 – SP18, SP19 | Editor FL17 – SP20

Anhthi is a sophomore from St. Louis, MO, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in healthcare management. She enjoys writing about science and medicine, particularly topics relating to research within the medical community and controversial medical issues. Other than Frontiers, Anhthi is an active hospital volunteer and is a member of an anesthesiology research lab.

Frank Lin

Writer FL19 – SP20 | Editor FL19 – SP20

Frank is a sophomore from University Place, Washington, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in math. He joined Frontiers to explore current advancements in biological research and policies. Outside of classes, he also is involved in the swim club, does research in a lab, and volunteers for a hospital.

 Madison Hopper

Editor FL19

Madison is a freshman from Columbia, MO, who plans to major in Biology and is on the Pre-Medical track. She joined Frontiers to combine two of her passions, writing and science, and to learn about health-related issues in the St. Louis area. Outside of Frontiers, Madison is involved in Congress of the South 40, and she enjoys reading, listening to the same five songs on repeat, and advocating for the Oxford Comma in her free time.

Irene Antony

Editor FL18 – SP19

Irene is a freshman from Long Island, New York, studying neuroscience. She enjoys learning about new scientific discoveries and exploring the ethical aspects of medicine. Outside of Frontiers, she loves listening to music and acting out favorite movie scenes.

Rehan Mehta

Writer FL19 | Editor FL19

Rehan is a freshman from Hinsdale, Illinois planning on studying biochemistry. He joined Frontiers to explore and write about current issues in health and medicine. In his free time he enjoys playing table tennis, working out, volunteering, and playing League of Legends.

          Amaan Qazi

Exec SP20 | Editor FL18 – SP20

Amaan is a junior from St. Louis, Missouri, majoring in biology with minors in economics and philosophy. He joined Frontiers in order to learn more about medical related issues both abroad and in the United States. Aside from Frontiers, Amaan volunteers with the Campus Y and is an avid photographer.

Katrianna Urrea

Editor FL18 – SP19

Katrianna is a sophomore from El Paso, Texas who is majoring in Global Health and minoring in music. She joined Frontiers to learn more about global health as well as how both culture and social norms affect a community’s health. When she is not editing, Katrianna can be found volunteering with Beat Therapy and the Campus Y or doing work at a local coffee shop.

Ashley Harrie

Editor FL18

Ashley is a junior from Ludington, Michigan majoring in Global Health and Environment and minoring in biology. She joined Frontiers as a writer and editor to explore and share health topics that interest her such as mental health, health equity and current innovations in medicine. In her free time she enjoys biking, camping, and watercoloring.

Whitney Omoruyi

Writer FL18 | Editor FL18

Whitney is a freshman from Boston, Massachusetts, studying biochemistry on the pre-med track. Her main interests in writing include women’s health, mental health, and current affairs. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and figure skating.

Anu Balasubramanian

Exec SP18 – SP19 | Writer FL16 – FL17, SP19 | Editor FL17 – SP18

Anu is a senior from the Westford, Massachusetts double majoring in Global Health and Computational Biology, and minoring in WGSS. She joined Frontiers because she loves writing about science and medicine, particularly topics relating to women’s health. Apart from Frontiers, she is involved in Beat Therapy, sings, does research at the med school, and spends her spare time catching up on sleep.

Ryan Chang

Exec SP20 | Writer FL19 – SP20 | Editor FL19 – SP20

Ryan is a freshman from Houston planning to major in neuroscience with a minor in medical humanities. He loves scientific writing and joined Frontiers to continue exploring that passion while learning about different health-related issues. Aside from Frontiers, Ryan enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, and volunteering.


Morgan Leff

Editor FL18 – SP20

Morgan is a sophomore from Columbus, Ohio studying anthropology with a minor in chemistry. She joined frontiers to explore the intersection of medicine, research, and society. Her hobbies include cooking, reading manga, and language learning.

Sophia Xiao

Writer FL19 – SP20 | Editor FL18 – SP20

Sophia is a sophomore from Bettendorf, Iowa, studying Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology with a minor in French. She joined Frontiers to explore medical advancements in scientific research and public health. In her free time, she enjoys working in her research lab, traveling, volunteering, and reading anything and everything.

      Casey Connelly

Exec FL19 – SP20 | Editor SP19

Casey is a junior from New York City majoring in PNP with a minor in economics. She joined Frontiers to learn more about current health problems and to be part of the production of a magazine, especially the editing and distribution processes. She enjoys reading, photography and traveling in her spare time.


                                            Annie Feng

Writer FL17 – SP20 | Editor FL17 – SP20

Annie is a junior from New York on a pre-medical track. She is majoring in Biochemistry and English, and wants to explore science and medicine through writing. She enjoys singing opera, figure skating, reading sci-fi, and playing video games all while feeling immensely guilty about the work she’s putting off.

    Heather Chung

Writer SP18 – SP20 | Editor SP18 – SP20

Heather is a junior from Seattle, Washington, studying Biology, under the Neuroscience track, with a Music minor. She joined Frontiers to explore topics in public health policies, recent biomedical research, and human rights. In her free time, she plays the violin in a chamber quartet.

                                   Dany Mater

Writer SP20 | Editor SP20

Dany is a freshman from the great state of Virginia, double majoring in Biochemistry/PNP and minoring in Jazz Music. He enjoys learning about recent scientific developments and global health issues, and hopes to share what he learns with the WashU community. In his free time, Dany likes to play the saxophone, watch movies, and eat cookies and cream ice cream.

Julia Bulova

Editor FL18 – SP20

Julia is a sophomore majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies from Pittsburgh, PA. She is an editor with an interest women’s health and policy. Outside of “Frontiers” she enjoys being on the rowing team, reading, and cycling.

Jessica Wu

Editor FL19 – SP20

Jessica is a sophomore from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, majoring in computer science and minoring in bioinformatics and writing. She joined Frontiers as an editor to explore her love for writing from another side of the process. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, catching up on shows, and reading just about anything.

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