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Antibiotics as a Possible Alternative to Traditional Appendectomy in Some Cases?

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals were flooded with critically ill patients suffering from the devastating effects of the virus. Medical providers and staff members across the country found themselves overworked and struggling to cope with deficits in manpower, time, space and equipment as COVID cases continued to climb amidst the normal workload….

Letter to the Editor: For Antibiotics to Fight Diseases, We Must Fight Overuse of Antibiotics

This week, researchers at the Washington University Medical School (WUSM) announced they had successfully combined three antibiotics that, together, can kill MRSA, otherwise known as antibiotic-resistant staph infection. According to WUSM professor Gautam Dantas, this is a major breakthrough that could save 11,000 American lives every year. However, our society urgently needs to address the…

American Horror Story: Superbugs

Imagine scraping your knee. In the 1900s, before antibiotics (and sanitation laws) were discovered, that wound could have led to bacterial infection and possible death. Today, deaths due to infectious disease have been cut to 5 percent┬ásince the dawn of the era of antibiotics. In countries where antibiotics are not prevalently used, strep throat can…

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