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Antidotes at Poisonous Prices

More than half of all Americans take some form of a prescription drug, not to mention various over the counter drugs, vitamins, and other supplements [2]. In fact, the United States is one of the most heavily medicated countries in the world, but also pays far more to stock its medicine cabinet than most other…

Marijuana Legalization: Half-Baked?

In 1996, marijuana was illegal everywhere in America. Now, just over twenty years later, cannabis has become a normalized substance: 33 states have legalized the drug in some form, ten states have legalized it for recreational use, and a majority of Americans now support legal pot. The effort to reverse the ban on weed has…

Yeast: The New Marijuana?

The process of fermentation has been around for centuries – most notably in the production of beer and bread. Most biology textbooks would describe this process as the anaerobic conversion of simple sugars into carbon dioxide and ethanol by yeast, but scientists have begun to untap a whole new potential for what fermentation can construct….

Medicine: Right or Luxury?

  Drug discovery and production is a business; its purpose is profit. However, the goods produced through this business carry much more value than the price assigned to them. They save human lives. Examining the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that access to medicine is a right afforded to all human beings, not a luxury reserved…

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