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Welcome to Frontiers!

Welcome to Frontiers!

Frontiers Magazine: WU Review of Health​ is a publication that strives to make transdisciplinary aspects of health and medicine more understandable and relevant to people’s lives. We seek to engage the WashU campus in expanding perspectives of health and medicine in a relatable and easily-consumable way. Enjoy this video as an introduction to our organization…

Engineering Health

The realm of medical research and study is often pursued by chemists, biologists, pharmacists, and doctors. These professionals drive forward research on the human body, diseases, and treatments. However, there is one group of scientists that has worked on medical research which has largely remained in the background. From the pacemaker to the ultrasound machine,…

A Spoonful of Sugar

In clinical trials that uphold the gold standard of double blind placebo controls, an inert pill is compared to the tested drug to measure the efficacy of the tested drug. If the efficacy of a tested drug is not determined to work better than the placebo, then the drug is not considered effective. Because a…

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