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Human Connectome Project: The Key to Mapping the Human Black Box

Throughout history, humans have been asking questions about thinking and behavior. The phenomena that people aimed to study greatly surpassed the verbiage and knowledge that was available. This disconnect between what humans want to know and actual understanding drives progress. In light of the brain’s amazing capabilities, endless supply of mysteries and intricate complexities, the…

Advancing Medicine in Times of Need

For decades, science has advanced due to the impending need for increasing security, medical techniques, and communication systems in the military. A significant portion of our army funding is funneled towards the advancement of medical techniques in the hopes that despite a lack of advanced medical equipment in the field, patient lives can be saved….

Exon Skipping Therapy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a lethal genetic disorder that shortens patients’ lifespans and results in progressive skeletal and cardiac muscle degeneration. The symptoms emerge at the onset of muscle growth in boys 2-5 years old. They grow up bound to wheelchairs and ventilators, and eventually succumb to an early death after cardiac failure (2)….

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