Alyssa Hyman

Exec SP21-FL21 | Writer FL18 – FL21

Alyssa is a senior from Westport, Connecticut majoring in Accounting and minoring in Business Analytics. She enjoys writing about current issues and trends in the healthcare field. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and running.

Frank Lin

Writer FL19-SP21 | Editor FL19-SP21

Frank is a senior from University Place, Washington, studying Biochemistry and minoring in math and anthropology. He joined Frontiers to explore current advancements in biological research and policies. Outside of classes, he also is involved in the swim club, does research in a lab, and volunteers for a hospital.

Jihoon Kiel

Writer FL19-FL20

Jihoon is a junior from Houston, Texas interested in studying biology. He joined Frontiers to explore and learn more about current health issues through writing. While outside of Frontiers or studying, Jihoon is also a member of Asian Christian Fellowship, plays cello, and loves to eat a lot.

Ayda Oktem

Exec SP20-FL21 | Writer FL18 – FL21

Ayda is a senior from Istanbul, Turkey who plans on majoring in Global Health and WGSS, with a minor in Biology. She likes both reading and writing about current public health problems. In campus, she can be seen drinking tea, watching movies and sleeping in odd positions.

Audrey Bochi-Layec

Writer FL18 – SP21

Audrey is a senior from Bethesda, Maryland, planning to study Biology and possibly German. She joined Frontiers in order to fuel her love of biomedical and genetics research. In her free time, she can be found volunteering at animal shelters, playing the piano, and reading Quora answers.

Haley Pak

Writer FL19 – FL21 | Illustrator FL19 – FL21

Haley is a junior from Los Angeles, California currently aspiring to be a medical writer and illustrator. She loves investigating new research and sharing scientific discoveries with others. Long term, she hopes to improve communication in the healthcares system believing that it is essential to ensure patients get the care they need. In her free time she consumes literature, writes stories, and draws as much as she can.

Angela Chen

Writer FL19 – FL21 | Illustrator FL19 – FL21

Yixuan is a junior potentially studying biology. She joined Frontiers as an illustrator and writer because she wants to better communicate the cutting-edge scientific advancement to readers. In her free time, she enjoys jogging in the Forest Park, reading novels, painting in watercolor, or just sitting on the grass thinking about anything and everything.

Sophia Xiao

Writer FL19 – FL21 | Editor FL18 – FL21

Sophia is a senior from Bettendorf, Iowa, studying Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology with a minor in French. She joined Frontiers to explore medical advancements in scientific research and public health. In her free time, she enjoys working in her research lab, traveling, volunteering, and reading anything and everything.

Ryan Chang

Exec SP20-FL21 | Writer FL19 – FL21 | Editor FL19 – FL21

Ryan is a junior from Houston, TX planning to major in neuroscience with a minor in medical humanities. He loves scientific writing and joined Frontiers to continue exploring that passion while learning about different issues related to health. In his free time, Ryan enjoys watching movies, spending time with friends, listening to music, and playing tennis. On campus, he is also involved as a nutritional counselor and WUSA. 

Ben Lieberman

Writer FL19-SP21

Ben is a junior studying Anthropology, maybe Global Health, and Biology. He joined Frontiers to explore more about how the research that goes on in the lab can lead to real outcomes in patients and how these treatments can be distributed equally to improve public health for all. I love to watch various TV shows, including Nathan For You, How I Met Your Mother and The Good Place.

Alicia Yang

Writer FL18 – SP21

Alicia is a senior from Acton, Massachusetts majoring in Biology/Neuroscience, and minoring in Medical Humanities and Writing. She joined Frontiers because she loves reading the works of physician writers and framing complicated science concepts in a human context. In her free time, she enjoys doing research at the medical school, volunteering, and occasionally running.

Chris Byron

Writer SP21-FL21

Chris is a junior from Edwardsville, Illinois (Greater St. Louis area), majoring in Psychological & Brain sciences and minoring in Anthropology. He joined Frontiers to explore his interests in healthcare, as well as his passion for writing. In his free time, he enjoys long-distance running and aviation.

Lily Coll

Writer SP21-FL21

Lily is a sophomore from Bethesda, Maryland studying Women, gender and Sexuality Studies as well as Anthropology and Global Health. Lily is passionate about bioethics and women’s sexual and reproductive health. She joined Frontiers hoping to use her love for writing to address social and racial disparities in health. In her free time, she enjoys being with animals and drinking tea.

Neha Adari

Exec SP21-FL21 | Writer FL20-21|Editor FL 20-21| Illustrator FL20-21

Neha is a sophomore from Brandon, Mississippi who is currently undecided. She joined Frontiers to investigate medical advancements and explore the intersection between health and the humanities. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, making art, and traveling.

Rajiv Swarup

Writer SP21-FL21

Rajiv is a sophomore from McAllen, Texas planning to major in Neuroscience/PNP and minor in Global Health. He enjoys learning and writing about issues that deal with scientific innovation and public health. In his free time, Rajiv enjoys piano, playing tennis, and watching Netflix.

Tinuola Adebukola

Writer FL20-FL21

Tinuola is from Lagos, Nigeria and has lived in Chicago, Illinois most of her life. She is studying Psychology and Urban Studies. She joined Frontiers to take part in discourse around health and wellness. She aims to focus on the growth opportunities and challenges within the health care industry while shining a light on the disparities in health care surrounding marginalized communities. She enjoys spending time with people and is focused on self-care to increase wellness.

Lily Luu

Writer SP21|Editor SP21

Lily is a junior from Seattle, Washington double majoring in biology and anthropology. She joined Frontiers in hopes to explore and write about current issues in healthcare, particularly from a social science perspective. Apart from Frontiers, she does biological and biomedical research and enjoys catching up with friends at local cafés or bubble tea shops.

Aidan Raikar

Writer SP21

Aidan joined Frontiers because he likes writing about science and medicine and sharing what he learns with others. Apart from Frontiers, he is involved in Chemistry PLTL, the club Food Recovery Network, and spends his spare time catching up on sleep.

Kimberly Hwang

Writer FL20-FL21

Kimberly is a sophomore from Taipei, Taiwan. She intends to major in biochemistry. She joined Frontiers to combine her interests in health policy, scientific research, and writing. Kimberly spends her free time working in research labs, writing poetry, and drinking coffee.

Maya Kovacevic

Writer FL20-FL21

Maya is a sophomore from Orland Park, Illinois planning to major in Global Health. She enjoys writing about current issues in the healthcare field, particularly those at the intersection of health and society. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, trying local restaurants, and freaking out over cute dogs.

Ashna Agarwal

Writer FL21

Ashna joined Frontiers to to explore ideas of inequality in medicine on a global scale. She wanted to understand the differences that exist in healthcare systems and caregiving globally. In her free time, you will usually find her playing chess, reading or at cherry tree eyeing their new desserts!

Jason Zhang

Writer FL20-FL21

Jason is a sophomore from Cleveland studying Biology and Anthropology. He enjoys writing about research through a public health perspective, particularly regarding issues that are important to the local area of St. Louis and WashU. Outside of classes, Jason is also interested in aviation, birding, 3D modeling, and photography.

Kevin Oloomi

Writer FL20

Kevin joined Frontiers to explore the different ways in which medical and scientific writing can be disseminated to larger audiences. Outside of writing, he spends most of his time researching Alzheimer’s disease and zooming around campus on an electric scooter.

Jasmine Mosberger

Writer FL21

Jasmine is a freshman from Boulder, Colorado planning on majoring in Biology with a minor in English. She joined Frontiers to explore biological research and new innovations in medicine. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys climbing, reading, and spending time with friends.

Rani Huo

Writer FL21

Rani is a current sophomore from Beijing, China. She is majoring in Anthropology on the track Global Health and Environment, and also minoring in Writing. Rani is interested in public health policies, mental health, and healthcare equity. In her free time, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, singing, and creative writing.

Alicia Yang

Exec SP21-FL21 | Writer FL18- FL21

Alicia is a senior from Acton, Massachusetts majoring in Biology/Neuroscience, and minoring in Medical Humanities and Writing. She loves reading the works of physician writers and de-convoluting complicated science and health concepts. She enjoys the research, interviewing, and writing that goes into each article and hopes to continue incorporating science communication and journalism into her goal of becoming a physician advocate. In her free time, she conducts neuroscience research, volunteers as a Spanish medical interpreter, and swims.

Daleep Grewal

Writer FL20-21

Daleep is a sophomore from Long Island, New York studying Biology, under the Neuroscience track, with a Healthcare Management minor. He joined Frontiers to explore recent advances in the science community and shed light on community disparities in healthcare through writing. In his free time, he listens to music, plays basketball, and watches movies.

Pooja Shah

Writer SP20-FL21

Pooja is a sophomore from Melbourne, Florida majoring in biology and minoring in healthcare management. She enjoys writing about new advancements in healthcare technology and global health issues. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball and spending time with her friends.

Alexandra Dram

Exec SP21-FL21 | Writer FL20 – FL21|Editor FL20 – FL21

Alexandra is a sophomore from Naperville, Illinois, interested in a major within the Psychological and Brain Sciences as well as a minor in Bioinformatics. She is excited to explore a wide breadth of health-related topics during her time in Frontiers and seeks to contribute to the production of quality science communication. In addition to getting involved with research and volunteering, Alexandra frequently enjoys playing tennis, reading, and engaging in thoughtful late-night chats.

Haleigh Pine

Exec SP21-FL21 | Writer FL20 – FL21 | Editor FL20 – FL21

Haleigh is a sophomore from Glen Ridge, New Jersey majoring in biomedical engineering. She joined Frontiers to learn more about current health issues and be involved in magazine production. Outside of Frontiers, she does prehospital engineering and cellular engineering research, enjoys reading and playing tennis and loves board games.

Neha Perumal

Writer FL21| Editor FL21

Neha is a sophomore from Westborough, Massachusetts studying Economics and Spanish. She joined Frontiers to explore and share with others her interests in healthcare disparities, innovation, and policy. Outside of academics, she dances competitively on WashU Raas and likes to crochet and try cooking new recipes.

Zoe Dolinsky

Writer FL21| Illustrator FL21

Zoe is a junior pursuing a major in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and a minor in Architecture. She joined Frontiers to advocate for public health and mental health issues. In her free time she enjoys reading fiction, second-hand shopping, and listening to music.

Benjamin Olshin


Benjamin is a freshman from Portland, Oregon studying Global Health and Psychology. He joined Frontiers to explore issues in public health on local, national, and international scales. In his free time, you can find him doing gymnastics, playing frisbee, cooking, and reading.

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