anhthiAnhthi Luong


Anhthi is a sophomore from St. Louis, MO, potentially majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Healthcare Management. She enjoys writing about science and medicine, particularly topics relating to research within the medical community and controversial medical issues. Other than Frontiers, Anhthi is an active hospital volunteer and is a member of an anesthesiology research lab.




VidushriVidushri Mehrotra


Vidushri is a sophomore from Appleton, WI and is studying Cognitive Neuroscience with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Writing for Frontiers allows her to delve deeper into topics regarding reproductive health, public health, health disparities, and most importantly allows her to express her personal passions with readers. When not writing, she can be found dancing with the WashU Bhangra team, knitting like a grandma, and going to as many concerts as possible.



Alex MahmoudAlex


Alex is a junior from New Jersey studying biology. He is writing in this issue of Frontiers for his first time, because he likes writing and trying new things. He especially enjoys tackling off the wall topics and generating enthusiasm for them. In his free time, he hangs out in McDonnell doing lab work and anywhere he can talk about science.




HeatherHeather Chung


Heather is a freshman from Seattle, Washington, studying Biology and Sociology. She joined Frontiers to explore topics in public health policies, recent biomedical research, and human rights. In her free time, she plays the violin in a chamber quartet.





Akshay BalajiAkshay


Akshay is a freshman from Chantilly, Virginia, studying biomedical engineering with a possible minor in computer science. He began writing for Frontiers to become more aware of current issues in the field of medicine, as well as to understand how medicine, engineering, and policy react to changes in our everyday life. Outside of academics, he loves listening to music, biking, reading sci-fi, and watching soccer at 7 AM every weekend.



AnnieAnnie Feng


Annie is a sophomore from New York on a pre-medical track. She plans to major in Biology and English, and wants to explore science and medicine through writing. She enjoys singing opera, figure skating, reading sci-fi, and playing video games all while feeling immensely guilty about the work she’s putting off.





Yumi Sasaki


Yumi is a junior from Tokyo, Japan studying biology. She has been a writer since fall of sophomore year, and enjoys researching current innovations in the health field for Frontiers. In her free time, you can find her exploring the outdoors, watching anything Star Wars, and daydreaming about her next meal.





chase Chase Breimeier


Chase is a freshman from Chicago, Illinois who is studying on a pre-med track and considering majoring in Economics. He joined Frontiers at the beginning of the spring semester as a writer and editor, and he hasn’t regretted his decision for one second. Besides writing and editing, Chase pursues a wide variety of other hobbies including fishing, playing guitar, and juggling.




 Lahari Vuppaladhadiam


Lahari is a freshman from Fremont, California possibly studying Cognitive Neuroscience with a minor in Global Health. She joined Frontiers to explore and write about topics in the scientific field, especially women’s health and biomedical ethics. In her free time, she enjoys listening to all kinds of music, watching movies, and exploring the outdoors.




Rithvik Ramesh


Rithvik is a freshman from San Ramon, California hoping to study Global Health and maybe Neuroscience. He joined Frontiers because he believes learning about developments in science and writing about the connections between seemingly disparate fields and medicine is both fun and important. Rithvik also enjoys taekwondo, quilling, traveling, and watching unhealthy amounts of Food Network and HGTV.



Keerthana Chintalapati


Keerthana is a freshman from Middletown, Delaware studying Computational Biology with a possible minor in either Global Health or Spanish. She is excited to be a writer for Frontiers where she can spread her passions for Biology and Public Health. In her free time she enjoys playing the flute or visiting the amazing beaches back in Delaware.




Jerry Chen

Jerry is a junior from Shanghai, China on a pre-medical track majoring in Biology. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, working with nonprofits improving education for children in India, trying new foods, and trolling his friends.






Morgan Leff


Morgan is a freshman from Columbus, Ohio studying Biology with a minor in anthropology. She joined frontiers to explore the intersection of medicine, research, and society. Her hobbies include cooking, reading manga, and language learning.





Alyssa Hyman

Alyssa is a freshman from Westport, Connecticut majoring in Biology, and potentially Healthcare Management. She enjoys writing about science and medicine, especially new issues and discoveries. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and running.






Alicia Yang


Alicia is a freshman from Acton, Massachusetts. She aspires to become a doctor some day and is fascinated by Neuroscience and Psychology. As a writer for Frontiers, she hopes to communicate scientific knowledge to others. She is especially interested in neuroscience research and human health. In her free time, she also enjoys volunteering, swimming, running, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.




Ayda Oktem


Ayda is a freshman from Istanbul, Turkey who plans on majoring in Global Health and possibly minoring in Art History. She likes both reading and writing about current public health problems. In campus, she can be seen drinking tea, watching movies and sleeping in odd positions.





Lauren Seidman


Lauren is a sophomore majoring in Psychology on the pre-medical track. She joined Frontiers to start conversation and discussion about potential uncomfortable topics in public health and hopes to bring attention to the systematic disparities in healthcare. Outside of frontiers, she enjoys tutoring with each one teach one and spending time with friends.




Audrey Bochi-Layec


Audrey is a freshman from Bethesda, Maryland, planning to study Biology and possibly German. She joined Frontiers in order to fuel her love of biomedical and genetics research. In her free time, she can be found volunteering at animal shelters, playing the piano, and reading Quora answers.





Pratyush Sridhar


Pratyush is a freshman from San Jose, California studying Biochemistry with a minor in Global Health. Writing for Frontier allows him to better understand the new topics being analyzed in sports medicine and public health. In his free time, he enjoys curating playlists on his Spotify, trying new restaurants, going to various concerts, and working out.




Ashley Harrie


Ashley is a junior from Ludington, Michigan majoring in Global Health and Environment and minoring in Biology. She joined Frontiers as a writer and editor to explore and share health topics that interest her such as mental health, health equity and current innovations in medicine. In her free time she enjoys biking, camping, and watercoloring.





Whitney Omoruyi


Whitney is a freshman from Boston, Massachusetts, studying Biochemistry on the pre-med track. Her main interests in writing include women’s health, mental health, and current affairs. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and figure skating.





Jaclyn Liu


Jaclyn is a freshman from San Mateo, California, who is planning to study Biology. Through writing for Frontiers, she hopes to learn alongside readers about an array of topics, including healthcare policy, biomedical research, and environmental effects on public health. In her free time, Jaclyn also enjoys watching nature documentaries, hiking, and playing the piano.





Anu Balasubramanian


Anu is a junior from the Westford, Massachusetts double majoring in Global Health and Computational Biology, and minoring in WGSS. She joined Frontiers because she loves writing about science and medicine, particularly topics relating to women’s health. Apart from Frontiers, she is involved in Beat Therapy, sings, does research at the med school, and spends her spare time catching up on sleep.



Rohan Palacios


Rohan is a sophomore from Washington, D.C. He is studying History and Political Science. He began writing for Frontiers to explore how social inequities manifest themselves in healthcare and to learn more about the wide-ranging field of medicine. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, reading and finding good cheap food. Much to his mother’s dismay, writing for Frontiers will be the closest he comes to becoming a doctor.

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