Volume 4 Issue 1 Out Now!

12191658_10153700852242299_5497059039542711673_nDear Reader,

Frontiers Magazine attempts to tell stories about health. We reframe dialogues, current events, and ideas so that the undergraduates of Washington University in St. Louis can read about how a single person–or a single molecule–can change the world.

As we strive toward this goal, we are continually expanding upon the possibilities. We started publishing essays. Now we publish essays, opinions, personal narratives, illustrations, news, events, reviews, and more. In the future, we want to expand to pieces not just written by our own team, but also submitted by any fellow student interested in submitting work.

For now, this is what we present you: a fully-illustrated, fully-explored issue. This is the second print issue of Frontiers, created by the second-generation of writers, illustrators, and executives. These articles cover everything from the development of nootropics (“smart drugs”) to the politics of Planned Parenthood to a day in the Emergency Room at Barnes Jewish Hospital. We want to bring you slices of life and information you may never have seen: the inside of a lab, the Public Media Commons in Grand Center, the spot behind the cash register at one of WUSTL’s food services.

As Frontiers continues to grow in the WUSTL community, we welcome anyone who appreciates our mission, regardless of major, year, or experience. If you have any ideas for the magazine or would like to contribute as a writer, editor, or executive board member, please feel free to email us at frontiersmag@gmail.com.

We hope you will enjoy the articles your fellow students have written for this issue!

Monica Lim (Co-Editor-in-Chief)

Katelyn Mae Petrin (Co-Editor-in-Chief)


Neha Prasad is a junior from New Jersey. She can be reached at nehaprasad@wustl.edu

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