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Exon Skipping Therapy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a lethal genetic disorder that shortens patients’ lifespans and results in progressive skeletal and cardiac muscle degeneration. The symptoms emerge at the onset of muscle growth in boys 2-5 years old. They grow up bound to wheelchairs and ventilators, and eventually succumb to an early death after cardiac failure (2)….

Gun Violence and Public Health: For Our Lives, Lives Lost and Lives Forgotten

Seventeen dead in Parkland. Twenty-six dead in Sutherland. Forty-nine dead in Orlando.  Twenty-seven dead at Sandy Hook. Fifty-eight dead in Las Vegas. As death tolls continue to climb and the frequency of mass shootings increase, gun violence has become one of the leading causes of premature death, killing more than 30,000 people and causing nearly…

Diagnosing the Cancer of the Future

Society often speaks about cancer as a collection of conditions that cannot be strung together perfectly without needing more knowledge than what seemingly exists. Movies often display extreme cases of health conditions in patients combined with extremely futuristic diagnostic and treatment plans. More often than not, society dismisses these as the treatments of the future…

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