Frank Lin

Writer FL19 – SP20 | Editor FL19 – SP20

Frank is a senior from University Place, Washington, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in math. He joined Frontiers to explore current advancements in biological research and policies. Outside of classes, he also is involved in the swim club, does research in a lab, and volunteers for a hospital.

Irene Antony

Editor FL18 – SP21

Irene is a senior from Long Island, New York, studying neuroscience. She enjoys learning about new scientific discoveries and exploring the ethical aspects of medicine. Outside of Frontiers, she loves listening to music and acting out favorite movie scenes.

Ryan Chang

Exec SP20-FL21 | Writer FL19 – SP21 | Editor FL19 – FL21

Ryan is a junior from Houston planning to major in neuroscience with a minor in medical humanities. He loves scientific writing and joined Frontiers to continue exploring that passion while learning about different health-related issues. Aside from Frontiers, Ryan enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, and volunteering.

Shamika Bhandarkar

Editor SP21-FL21

Shamika is a junior from Mumbai, India. She is majoring in Chemistry with a biochemistry concentration and minoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. Shamika joined Frontiers to learn more about healthcare issues and developments across the globe. She works at a protein biochemistry lab on the Danforth Campus. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, listening to music and cooking.

Lily Luu

Writer SP21 | Editor SP21

Lily is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington double majoring in biology and anthropology. She joined Frontiers in hopes to explore and write about current issues in healthcare, particularly from a social science perspective. Apart from Frontiers, she does biological and biomedical research and enjoys catching up with friends at local cafés or bubble tea shops.

Nick Rogers

Editor SP21

Nick is a sophomore from Jacksonville, Florida majoring in Global Health. He joined Frontiers to discover more about the fields of public and global health, and his interests lie in human rights, medical humanitarianism, and global governance for health. In his free time, Nick is typically hanging out with friends, listening to music, or eating out even though he’s broke.

Neha Adari

Exec SP21-FL21| Writer FL20 – FL21| Editor FL20 – FL21| Illustrator FL 20- FL21

Neha is a freshman from Brandon, Mississippi who is currently undecided. She joined Frontiers to investigate medical advancements and explore the intersection between health and the humanities. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, making art, and traveling.

 Haleigh Pine

Exec SP21-FL21 | Writer FL20 – FL21 | Editor FL20 – FL21

Haleigh is a sophomore from Glen Ridge, New Jersey majoring in biomedical engineering. She joined Frontiers to learn more about current health issues and be involved in magazine production. Outside of Frontiers, she does prehospital engineering and cellular engineering research, enjoys reading and playing tennis and loves board games.

Jillian Martin

Editor FL21

Jillian is a freshman from Dallas, TX, possibly majoring in PNP: Cognitive Neuroscience or Anthropology with a minor in Medical Humanities. She not only joined Frontiers to explore the intersection of health/medicine, humanities, and society, but also to learn about the ethics of healthcare. Outside of Frontiers, she plays for the club tennis team, enjoys staying active, and likes finding new restaurants in STL.

Shreya Ashok

Writer FL21| Editor FL21

Shreya is a freshman from Bridgewater, New Jersey pursuing a double major in Biology and Finance. She is intrigued by Big Pharma, and in her writing she hopes to analyze the business behind pharmaceutical company transactions. She wants to understand what makes the cost of drug research and development so high and how accessibility to life-saving medications can be streamlined among varying socioeconomic demographics. In her free time, Shreya loves to travel and watch stand-up comedy.

Isa Lee

Editor FL21

Isa is a sophomore from San Rafael, California majoring in Biology on the Neuroscience track and minoring in American Culture Studies. She is particularly interested in contributing to discussions on recent medical advancements and health disparities in St. Louis. Outside of Frontiers, Isa enjoys trying new restaurants and working as the volunteer coordinator at a horse rescue farm.

Julia Bulova


Julia is a senior majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies from Pittsburgh, PA. She is an editor with an interest women’s health and policy. Outside of “Frontiers” she enjoys being on the rowing team, reading, and cycling.

Shanthi Deivanayagam

Editor SP21-FL21 | Illustrator SP21-FL21

Shanthi is a sophomore from Palo Alto, CA, majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Medical Humanities. She joined Frontiers as a writer and illustrator to learn more about new research and discoveries in health. In her free time, she enjoys pottery, yoga, and playing with her dog, Clifford.

Alicia Yang

Exec SP21-FL21 | Writer FL18- FL21

Alicia is a senior from Acton, Massachusetts majoring in Biology/Neuroscience, and minoring in Medical Humanities and Writing. She loves reading the works of physician writers and de-convoluting complicated science and health concepts. She enjoys the research, interviewing, and writing that goes into each article and hopes to continue incorporating science communication and journalism into her goal of becoming a physician advocate. In her free time, she conducts neuroscience research, volunteers as a Spanish medical interpreter, and swims.

Stephanie Chen

Editor FL21

Stephanie is a freshman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, planning to major in biochemistry and minor in finance. She joined Frontiers because she was interested in exploring social issues in medicine and wanted to learn more about new advancements in healthcare. In her free time she enjoys photography, hiking, and cooking.

Katherine Shao

Editor FL21

Katherine is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas planning on majoring in Biology with a minor in Computer Science. She joined Frontiers to learn more about recent advancements in research and current healthcare issues. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and painting.

Vicky Cadena


Vicky is a freshman from Austin, Texas planning on studying Neuroscience. She joined Frontiers to explore health policies and advancements as well as help initiate conversations about health in the community. In her free time, she enjoys watching too many movies, going on walks with her friends, and journaling.

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