Eugenia Yoh

Illustrator SP18 – SP21

Eugenia is currently a senior at Washington University hoping to pursue Communication Design with a focus on illustration. Her favorite mediums are watercolor and digital. In her free time she enjoys cooking, doodling, walking in the rain, reading, handwriting letters, and staring blankly into space, contemplating the meaning of life.

Lucy Chen

Exec FL19-SP21 | Illustrator SP18 – SP21

Lucy is a senior at Washington University studying Communication Design. She loves baking/cooking, sketching, dancing, participating in too much, and reading webtoons until 1 am.

Jennifer Broza

Exec SP20-SP21 | Illustrator FL18 – SP20

Jennifer is a junior from White Plains, NY majoring in cognitive neuroscience. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, painting, drawing and exploring St. Louis. She is also a Calc 3 RPM and will be involved in research and volunteering this semester.

Victoria Xu

Exec FL19 – SP21 | Illustrator FL18 – SP21

Victoria is a junior in the Sam Fox School studying design with a concentration in communication, minoring in biology, and is on the pre-med track. In her free time, she enjoys visiting museums, binge-watching Youtube videos, journaling, and playing the flute.

Alexandra Laufer

 Illustrator FL19 – SP21

Alexandra is a sophomore from Weston, Ma, majoring in PNP and minoring in Spanish and Art. She enjoys learning about issues in the world of medicine and illustrating people’s ideas. Other than Frontiers, she is involved in WAGS and the art club on campus.

Elena Bosak

Illustrator FL19

Elena is a junior at WashU double majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience and Communication Design. She enjoys sketching from life/people watching, painting, and sending her friends pictures of birds and small dogs.

Haley Pak 

Writer FL19 – SP21 | Illustrator FL19 – SP21

Haley is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California currently aspiring to be a medical writer and illustrator. She loves investigating new research and sharing scientific discoveries with others. Long term, she hopes to improve communication in the healthcares system believing that it is essential to ensure patients get the care they need. In her free time she consumes literature, writes stories, and draws as much as she can.

Angela Chen

Writer FL19 – SP21 | Illustrator FL19 – SP21

Yixhuan is a sophomore potentially studying Biology and minoring in medical humanities. She joined Frontiers as an illustrator and writer because she wants to better communicate the cutting-edge scientific advancement to readers. In her free time, she enjoys jogging in the Forest Park, reading novels, painting in watercolor, or just sitting on the grass thinking about anything and everything.

Shanthi Deivanayagam

Writer SP21 | Illustrator SP21

Shanthi is a freshman from Palo Alto, CA, majoring in Biochemistry and potentially minoring in Math. She joined Frontiers as an illustrator and writer to learn more about new research and discoveries in health. In her free time, she enjoys pottery, watercolor painting, jogging, and playing with her dog, Clifford.

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Neha Adari

Exec SP21| Writer FL20 – SP21| Editor FL20 – SP21| Illustrator FL 20- SP21

Neha is a freshman from Brandon, Mississippi who is currently undecided. She joined Frontiers to investigate medical advancements and explore the intersection between health and the humanities. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, making art, and traveling.

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