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Breaking Down the Language Barrier

Going to the hospital is almost always a stressful process—navigating through the labyrinthine hallways, filling out infinite nit-picky forms, processing the medical jargon from test results. And for many Americans, this is all done in their native language—English. But for many others, English is not their most comfortable language. It’s bulky, unfamiliar, haphazard. None of…

Welcome to Frontiers!

Welcome to Frontiers!

Frontiers Magazine: WU Review of Health​ is a publication that strives to make transdisciplinary aspects of health and medicine more understandable and relevant to people’s lives. We seek to engage the WashU campus in expanding perspectives of health and medicine in a relatable and easily-consumable way. Enjoy this video as an introduction to our organization…

Advancing Medicine in Times of Need

For decades, science has advanced due to the impending need for increasing security, medical techniques, and communication systems in the military. A significant portion of our army funding is funneled towards the advancement of medical techniques in the hopes that despite a lack of advanced medical equipment in the field, patient lives can be saved….

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