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A “Vegetable-less” Campus

Most people agree that vegetables are an important part of a person’s diet. Vegetables provide many vital nutrients and minerals that power everyday bodily function and long-term healthy living. However, access to fresh vegetables can sometimes be limited, especially so on college campuses, such as our own. With limited access to fresh vegetables, both in…

Is Organic Food Really Better?

By now, most people are familiar with the term “organic,” especially those of us who do our own grocery shopping. To some, it is associated with higher prices; to others, it is a worthwhile expense for safer, more nutritious food options. The organic movement took hold in the United States in the 1940s, a response…

Facing Frankenstein: Opening up about GM Food

I am sitting across from Connie Diekman in her office at Myers. “One of my colleagues posted a picture yesterday of romaine lettuce, okay. Romaine lettuce. The label says, ‘gluten-free’, ‘lactose-free’, ‘no GM’. I think we’ve gone a bit crazy in this country, and it’s because people don’t understand food,” she says. Non-GMO. All-natural. Grass-fed….

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